AAGT’s 2019 AGM & Membership Gathering
Sep 13-15, 2019, Sardinia, Italy

JOIN US in Sardinia for an AAGT Gathering: Two and a half days to connect and meet each other in different ways.

Friday, September 13th

An all day co-created program with the intent to continue conversations started in Toronto focused on inclusion, race, gender, power, privilege and oppression as we experience it with each other. These are important conversations for us to have, and we hope that the support provided by the slow pace of the time together, the incredible environment of Sardinia, and the process of being in contact with one another will allow them to be fruitful and meaningful. Our further intention is to carry these discussions forward in Ireland through the 2020 conference.

Saturday, September 14th


Half day Annual General Meeting attending to organizational matters.  All AAGT members, the Board and non-members alike are welcome and vital to the discussion. Agenda items include:

  1. Continued Discussion of Name Change: Current proposed: IAAGT – The International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy
  2. Bud Feder Scholarship Fund – Fund Raising, Awards Process, Distribution of Funds
  3. Elections and Appointments
  4. More items will be added, ie. any other ideas and interests


Half day of connection, dialogue and enjoyment of Sardinia

Sunday, September 15th

Half day continuation of the Annual General Meeting and farewells until 2020 in Ireland!


We have pre-paid for a number of rooms at the Baia del Porto.  This means to get a discounted rate, you must register with AAGT.

This relaxing escape is located on this beautiful inviting island. It is the perfect location to join together as a community for the purpose of bettering our organizations, our communities, and ourselves, as well as have fun!

Please click here to register.

See you then!